Terms and conditions

  1. Manpower agencies can register with us after filling the form and get the approval.
  2. Each manpower agency have a separate platform , which they can use it in an easy way.
  3. We provide the training to manpower agencies to use the platform 
  4. Each staff will have a private page which can be upload from an agency.
  5. Staff can’t upload their CV’s except if it was from one of the registered agencies with us.
  6. The uploaded pictures and videos must be in a decent way.
  7. We do not involve in any transactions between the agency and the users, we are just a platform to get the information from.
  8. We do not involve in any conflict happen between users and manpower agency, we just keep the information in our app and website through what the agency staff upload.
  9. Every agency are responsible for the information they upload, and responsible for giving the permission to the staff to upload the information in the platform.